PATIENT & PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT: The professional view?
As part of their on going commitment to successful commissioning, PCC joins forces with PMNet to consider the positive action needed to put the patient and the public at the very heart of healthcare reforms and service delivery.

A recent PCC / PMNet survey ‘Patient and Public Engagement - Still an Aspiration?’ unlocked the views of more than 800 healthcare professionals and those with an involvement in healthcare or a connection with the patient.

The study shows the current state of play nationally, identifies areas for improvement and considers ways in which we can improve our listening skills and act more effectively on the patient and public voice.

PCC and PMNet now invite those across the healthcare economy who share a collective passion for taking forward engagement and empowerment to join with others in a collective call for action through ‘Innovation in Collaboration’.
Patient and public engagement (PPE) should be an integral part of delivering good healthcare. Involving the public - the people who use healthcare services - is a statutory obligation and a democratic principle.
  • How well do local healthcare services engage?
  • Do people feel consulted with, listened to and made to feel that their views can influence the type of healthcare provided within their area?
  • Where do people go to make their voices heard?
As part of their commitment to make the patient voice heard, PMNet joins forces with Patient Opinion in a major new survey with members of the public. See what the public has to say.
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  • Is patient and public engagement still an aspiration? What’s your view of what professionals and the public have to say?

    We are told...
    The collection of evidence from patient experiences is very important to the decisions taken by organisations operating within the healthcare economy.
    We are told...
    The attitiude and behaviour of the clinician is the most effective tool and influence over achieving effective patient engagement.
    We are told...
    There needs to be a clearer and more visible link between engagement programmes and the service changes that result from such engagement.
    We are told...
    For patient engagement to be effective, it needs to be community owned, designed and deployed.
    We are told...
    Local healthcare economies need to improve the way they listen to and then act on the patient voice.
    Source: PCC Survey: Patient & Public Engagement: Still an Aspiration? 2013

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