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People Matters Network delivers greater evidence and insight through more engaged and empowered communities.

So far in just 12 months...

100s of communities engaged

50 new evidence banks now track and evaluate performance

100s of engagements deliver greater insight

1000s of people now making a real difference to service delivery

1000s of people empowered to influence decisions
Latest News
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Launch of the new PMNet site! Here you can find learn about and get involved in a number of innovative collaborations between a number of agencies and organisations across multiple sectors. Together... we can make the difference!
Creative Skillset partners with PMNet to integrate the Together™ suite into their existing website to encourage engagement between creative industries for mutual beneficial gains.
Cwm Taf Citizens' Panel is almost ready for launch! If you live in the Cwm Taf region and want to make a real difference to your local community, visit the Cwm Taf Engagement Hub to find out more.
Together with Patient Opinion and over 500 patients and carers, PMNet can reveal how GPs, dentists, hospitals and pharmacists are getting engagement right
How does it work?
The Together solution

Engage and empower communities, gather fresh insight and build evidence for better decision-making. It's all part of the Together™ solution.

Make the difference... Together
  • The comprehensive Together solution comes with an Engagement Hub, a collaborative PMNet WorkSpace, a suite of research tools for engaging and gathering insight, and a CRM system for getting the most from your community of influence.
  • Together empowers people and gives them the freedom and the opportunity to make a difference to their lives and those of others.
  • Together streamlines the whole engagement process, saving you time, saving you money, increasing overall efficiency.
  • Collaborative WorkSpace

    Collaborative WorkSpace is the engine room of PMNet's Together solution. It is where you will find everything you need to work smarter, make your life easier, minimise replication and save time, effort and money.

    Your space in a shared collaborative environment.
  • Use the PMNet solution to search your evidence, clone and re-employ past engagements and create your own evidence bank.
  • Using a suite of engagement and collaboration tools developed, refined and regularly enhanced for even greater point-and-click functionality, collaborate and share, manage the evidence you already have and obtain fresh insight for maximum impact, performance and efficiency.
  • See all your engagements in one place - those managed by you, those you co-manage with others, and those to which you have been given access rights to view and follow by others.
  • The flexibility and adaptability of PMNet WorkSpace allows you to see what you want, keep informed of what you need to know, and keep connected with others around you. Edit your personal profile to reflect your circumstances and needs as they change and evolve.
  • Engagement Hubs

    Show people how they can connect, how they can influence, and how together they can make a positive difference. Use multiple channels to engage and empower your community.

    The go-to place where communities connect
    ... its users, its stakeholders ...
  • An Engagement Hub is the go-to place for people to connect with their community.
  • The Hub is the public face of the community and the evidence that the vision of Together can become a reality through the pro-active engagement of empowered people.
  • The Hub informs, updates and gives people access to all Together activities.
  • An Engagement Hub will produce results for any organisation or partnership that needs to connect with its customers, its users its stakeholders - whether a provider of public services, a voluntary organisation, commercial business, manufacturer or retailer.
  • A Hub can be totally integrated within an existing website or designed to operate as a connected platform with its own domain and community identity.
  • Communities of Influence

    Connect people with shared interests and needs, engage and empower people, and through greater participation, realise the collective value and impact of a Community of Influence.

    Communities connected through shared passion and shared intent.
  • Communities of Influence take community panels to a totally new level by realising the true potential of engagement through recognition and two-way dialogue.
  • The findings of surveys, debates, forums, polls, focus groups, designed in WorkSpace and run within the community of interest are fed back quickly and efficiently.
  • The implications of findings are taken forward in a co-production environment with the community actively involved in the deciison-making process and the actions taken.
  • Community Passport gives each member of the community a unique ID and their own space for connecting, engaging and seeing for themselves the influence they are having and the impact they are making on decisions taken.
  • Points for Participation

    With PfP, recognise a contribution, however small, however large, and demonstrate the value placed on the individual and the importance placed on their opinions and views.

    Everyone recognised. Every contribution appreciated.
  • Keep track of your community contributions with a smart, easy-to-understand points system.
  • Different levels of contribution can be recognsed in different ways, from points for answering quick-polls to points for volunteering and taking part in continuous engagements - everyone is recognised and every contribution is appreciated.
  • Discount vouchers for products, leisure facilities and local services can be easily administered and managed.
  • Rewards do not have to be financial. Annual awards and certificates of influence can be just as inspirational and just as empowering.
  • PfP gives you complete control and flexibility. Points allocated and rewards provided are decided by you, and can be changed whenever you wish.
  • Tea-Break Debates and Insight

    Run debates, surveys, polls, groups, forums and recognise the busy lives people lead and take full advantage of the flexibility provided by PMNet's multiple channels for gathering insight, sharing evidence and making decisions, all within a collaborative environment.

    Multiple-channel engagement and shared insight for maximum impact.
  • UsePMNet's Tea-Breaks to gather fresh insight in a manageable and cost-effective way and use PMNet's WorkSpace to pull together all of your evidence.
  • Retain the interests of all parties throughout the engagement process and use the Engagement Hub to publish your Tea-Break activities.
  • Use WorkSpace to analyse results in real-time and produce web-ready reports, abstracts, and top-line findings for quick and effective dissemination.
  • Who?
    South Devon and Torbay CCG
    South Devon and Torbay CCG takes on a lead role in the development of TogetherDevon, an innovative and forward thinking platform for all collaborative engagements across Devon giving patients and the public their own voice in decision making.
    Devon County Council
    Devon CC is a lead partner of TogetherDevon, an engagement and collaboration platform that will revolutionise the way service users engage with service providers and the way providers and commissioners collaborate in the provision of public services.
    New Devon Clinical and Commissioning Group
    New Devon CCG is one of three lead partners that together have provided the vision for TogetherDevon, giving those living and working across Devon a major say in the provision of healthcare across the County.
    Cwm Taf Community
    Organisations (both public and private sector) across Cwm Taf are totally connected through their Engagement Hub, with a shared objective of delivering the very best for the community of Cwm Taf.
    Creative Skillset
    Totally committed to the development of skills across the industry, Creative Skillset are due to launch their intelligence hub using PMNet WorkSpace and tools to provide the industry with the intelligence needed for success and growth.
    Patient Opinion
    Together with Patient Opinion, PMNet is committed to ensuring the public voice is heard. With PMNet's unique 'make a difference' panel, the public now has a major say in decision making and puts them at the very centre of service delivery.
    Leeds City Council
    At Leeds, public facing engagement and consultation is totally integrated within the Council's website. The Council has full access to the PMNet suite of tools to work collaboratively with its partners, saving everyone time and money.
    Glasgow Council
    As well as an integrated engagement and consultation platform within the Council's own website, the Council and its partners are looking to a community platform for the collective engagement of citizens across Glasgow.
    Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG
    SWBCCG are pioneers in the adoption of PMNet's together suite and platform for use as a person-centred commissioning tool. Never before has the public and patients had such a major say in the provision of healthcare.
    West Sussex County Council
    With tools integrated seamlessly into their council site, members of the West Sussex community are able to view and take part in engagements, allowing their voice to be heard and giving them a real opportunity to shape their local services.
    Buckinghamshire County Council
    Buckinghamshire County Council and county-wide partners collaborate with full access to PMNet's research and engagement tools. Together they empower their communities to voice their views and actively influence decision making.
    Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council
    Thanks to PMNet's engagement solution, the members of the Blaenau Gwent community has open and influential dialogue with their local council. Blaenau Gwent County Council now has the opportunity to find out and act on what people really need.
    In partnership with Laria, the body representing the r&i profession, PMNet continues its review of the challenges facing the research and engagement profession within the public sector, with particular focus on the skills required to face these new and emerging challenges.
    Newham Council
    With such a diverse population, it is essential for the Council to be in touch with the needs and views of the community. Newham Council is keen to recognise the valuable contributions made by its panellists and demonstrates this with PMNet's Points for Participation (PfP).
    The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea
    As one of the early adopters of PMNet's engagement and collaboration tools, RBKC has taken full advantage of the system to build a vibrant and active panel of residents now regularly engaged on a range of topics and issues.
    Gateshead Council
    By actively engaging its stakeholders, Gateshead Council continues to take full advantage of PMNet's Together suite of tools to collaborate on all research and engagement activity, saving itself and its partners both time and money.
    Champion a Collaboration!
    And Us
    Jonathan together with...

    Application Architects
    Developers & Programmers
    Web Designers
    Digital Experts
    Social Researchers
    Where it all started...

    People Matters Network was started by Jonathan Bostock in 2012 following his 25 years at market and social researchers BMG (Bostock Marketing Group).

    Ever since he first launched BMG, Jonathan's real passion and interest has been in the engagement and empowerment of communities. Jonathan has always been fascinated by what exactly empowers people to connect and stay connected. What is their common bond? Couldn't this be used far more effectively by providers of services and products?

    During his time at BMG, Jonathan became aware of just how much time, energy and money was being spend by organisations on gathering fresh insight and replenishing huge banks of existing evidence.

    Significant efficiencies and huge savings could clearly be made.

    Surely, people could be empowered to share and exchange their opinions, particularly if they knew their views would be taken seriously and result in better services, better products and better facilities for themselves, their family, and their friends. In a nutshell, people could become real 'communities of influence'. Imagine the savings, imagine the efficiencies, and imagine the returns.

    Couldn't greater gains also be made if the providers and commissioners of services were prepared to work together? Rather than feeling uncomfortable about sharing information, why not make collaboration the norm.

    And so, PMNet was launched

    After 25 years, Jonathan left BMG and set up People Matters Network (PMNet)

    By bringing together people from a research and engagement background with those skilled in digital marketing, developing software, designing websites and building applications - the offer from PMNet is focussed on delivery and outcomes.

    At PMNet, our focus is on ensuring that what we produce is what will be used. Yes, it is largely about keeping pace with change, but it's also recognising that people are different, with some slower to adopt and adapt than others.

    New applications must function in new environments on the latest technology of choice, and both new and traditional channels of engagement must work effectively together.

    Connect with Jonathan
    m: 07432 637322
    T: 0121 410 5520






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